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Learn spanish and enjoy an unforgettable experience
Come and experience indigenous guatemala while learning Spanish or K'iche, and experience rural mayan culture with "The Patz'ite' Cultural Center". We offer an exciting view of indigenous Guatemala with the possibility of learning Spanish or K'iche (Quiche Maya - the language of the Popol Vuh) at basic, intermediate, or advanced levels. We also offer interesting activities that facilitate a deeper appreciation of indigenous Guatemalan culture, including volunteer projects in education, health, natural medicine, or organic farming. During your stay in Momostenango, you will enjoy the homey atmosphere, friendly attention, and a happy, professional working team. You can live and eat with Guatemalan families in the heart of the Kiche Mayan culture.

We Offer:
* 25 weekly class hours.
* Personal Attention.
* All levels available (beginer to advanced)
* Food and lodging included
(with a friendly Guatemalan family)
* The opportunity to learn to prepare Guatemalan meals (no extra charge)
* Cultural Activities.



Our Prices:

Weekly fee: U.S. $ 110.00. 10% discount for teachers and students.

- 25 weekly class hours.
- All meals.
- Lodging.
- Extracurricular activities.

Where can you find us?i;

The school is locted in the little town of Momostenango, in the west region of Guatemala; where you can find friendly people, calmness, and a beautiful landscape. WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL HAVE A NICE TIME.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity.

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